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Sandalwood – the aroma therapy oil

The scent, called chandana is produced from sandalwood. This is used in aroma therapy to induce a meditative and calm state. The later the tree is cut down, the better fragrance is obtained from this oil. There is an old saying from the ancient times that these trees grew only in the gardens of heaven.

You will find religious statues, temple gates that are carved from the wood because it is impermeable to termites and other insects. It also has an exquisite scent and spiritual association. The fragrance of this wood has an age –old reputation as an aphrodisiac. The finest quality of the oil is produced in Mysore. Its scent is similar to alpha androsterole and the human pheromone.

Ayurvedic Healing

The mystic and the magic of this wood stimulate the base Chakra. This improves trust and self identity. In the healing tradition of ayurveda, it promotes energy and enthusiasm that increases your zest and self-estimate for life. Burn sandalwood during a full moon, to increase spiritual vibrations inside your home, this is what you call mystical.

When you burn this wood near your door it welcomes your guest and attunes, then to your home’s positivity. This encourages them to leave their doubts and anger outside. It is a belief that when you write a wish on this wood and place it in an incense burner, your wishes come true. With its magical powers it enhances your interest for meditation and increases your will power.

Promotes Restful Sleep

When you burn aroma sandalwood incense sticks, natural antiseptics will be released into the air. When you breathe the aroma smoke it will help to lift melancholy and promote restful sleep. It not only enhances meditation but also promotes openness and comparison and further subdues irritability and aggression. It is good as stress reliever when combined with bergamot or lavender.

Though the essential oil is comparatively expensive you can use it in weak dilutions. For e.g. if you add a few drops in a wash basin of hot water and inhale the steam it relieves cracked or dry skin. If you add a few drops in a vaporizer or your bath it will dry up excess mucus. This will ease wet coughs, bronchitis, stuffy heads and diarrhoea.

Visualization Exercises

The strong aroma given off by a sandalwood stick can become a good tool during meditation exercises. The aroma helps your mind drift to more beautiful and spiritual surroundings. You can use a few drops of the aroma oil in your vaporizer when you are ready to start exercising. You can use this when you are exercising on an exercise bike or during aerobics.

As you exercise, close your eyes and breathe in the heady aroma, letting your mind drift with its scent. After taking a few deep breaths, you can drift your mind to imagine that you are cycling along the mountain path. You can even imagine that you are relaxing under warm summer sun and continue with your exercising. The magic of sandalwood aroma is that physically you will be exercising and mentally you will be in a heavenly place.