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Sandalwood fragrance to de-stress

Most people today have made sandalwood as their absolute favourite aroma therapy oil for distress. After a tiring day mix a few drop of this oil in a lavender-laced bubble bath of hot water. Soak your body in it. Your entire body will be relieved of the physical stress. After the bath, if you massage a few drops of this oil on your forehead. Or burn a few sandalwood sticks and inhale the aroma you will feel much better.

The use of this oil is very good for several anxiety disorder. Aroma therapy with this oil will reduce symptoms like insomnia, panic-responses and palpitations. When a few drops of this oil are combined with lavender, it becomes the perfect cure for anxiety disorders.

Pleasant Smell

Not only the oil but also sandalwood itself smells great. It will transform your mood from a gloomy one to that of cheerfulness. The present aroma of this wood, especially when a few chips of it are burnt creates an ambience of tranquillity. When you combine a few drops of this oil with any massage oil it reduces stress from the body.

The massage oil is also used on patients who are terminally ill. Health care professionals have found out that patients who receive the oil massages with fragrance of this wood had less anxiety systems. This is when compared to those who were massaged with non-fragrant oils. Studies in details have revealed and fully demonstrated the validity of this truth.

Induces Sleep

When you find difficulty in sleeping, you may just take a whiff from the oil extracted from sandalwood. It is sure to help you drift into a dreamland. Scientists have tested this oil on rats and confirm that it has been very successful in inducing sleep. If you combine this oil with vanilla, bergamot lavender or chamomile oils it will produce a synergistic effect.

You can use this oil when you are meditating or performing any religious rituals. It will create a soothing atmosphere for you to meditate with deep concentration. The use of this oil is quite safe and in some rare case you may find very light side effects. If you incorporate it into other calming, meditative rituals, this oil can drastically ease anxiety symptoms.

Verifying Its Authenticity

Before you purchase this oil, you should verify its authenticity as sandalwood is available in very limited supply. In India it is grown in only two states, the state of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. You can find this oil without much difficulty in beauty product stores. The wood is also available in the form of powder and incense sticks.

There are even soaps that use a few drops of this oil to provide its potential fragrance that can do wonders on your skin. There are people who use furniture and idols of Gods made of this wood to allow its fragrance to prevail in the room. You can readily purchase sandalwood as a chunk of wood in holy cities, specifically in Haridwar.