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Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood oil is obtained from the Sandalwood tree that dates back to 4000 years. The Sultan of Mysore referred to it as a royal tree. Since all these years, sandalwood has served in a variety of useful purposes. Its natural versatility and uniqueness allows it to be used in a multitude of cultural and religious aspects.

In those days the wood was very important especially as a part of Indian devotional rites and rituals. It was most commonly used as incense in Hindu and Buddhist temples. It was used as a popular wood to fashion various types of spiritual deities and figures to be honoured and displayed in temples and homes. It is also used to produce various religious artefacts.

Liquid Gold

Due to the precious nature of the oil obtained from Sandalwood oil, it is also known as liquid gold. Once the oil is distilled it matures in about 6 months in order to achieve the right perfume aroma. Sandalwood is usually combined with other oils. There is a great demand and high value of the pure oil. Thus a mixture of the pure oil with other more abundant oils is most commonly used.

When you purchase the essential oil, you should check for anything artificial or anything harmful or toxic. The oil of sandalwood has been widely used in ancient traditional medicine to cure ailments such as throat infection, dry cough, and digestive complaints. This versatile essential oil is often used in aromatherapy and cosmetic industries to make perfumes and skin care products including topical lotions and soaps.

Valued All Over The World

Sandalwood oil and its incense fragrances is in fact one of the most popular products in the world. It is very famous in India, China and Japan today. Here it is still used as a part of modern and traditional religious rituals and ceremonies. In other parts of the world, it is used for many diverse applications.

In the western culture the incense is used more often for relaxation and to create a pleasant aroma at home or personal space. It creates an atmosphere for you to relax, meditate, unwind and get in touch with your inner self in a very spiritual way. You should be aware that there is a very real shortage of sandalwood. This is due to illegal logging of these trees in India to be sold at very high prices.

Health Benefits

Essential oils made from sandalwood oil are great fighters of viruses and bacteria. It is given as a treatment for bronchitis, chest infection, kidney and the urinal tract infection. It is a good anti-inflammatory. It is useful in flowing spasms and stopping cramps. If you mix a few drops of it in your massage oil it will relax and soothe your sore muscles.

If it is taken internally it helps to calm the entire digestive system, helps in relieving gas, diarrhoea and heart burn. It also helps in reducing high blood pressure. Currently sandalwood oil is being researched for the anti cancer effects.