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Rediscovering the benefits of Sandalwood Oil

Essential oils such as sandalwood oil affect a number of different areas at the same time. If you take medicine it will target one particular thing with little or no effect on anything else. At times it may cause unpleasant side effect. If you take this essential oil to target a particular thing, it will always have a beneficial effect in some other areas as well.

Thus the benefit of this essential oil has a huge list that can range from an itch of a mosquito bite to relieve hyper anxiety. It is the best for mental calmness and relieving anxiety. The oil has been used since many centuries in the ancient spiritual traditions. If there are negative thoughts racing and you are very anxious, you may sit down and breathe in and out the aroma of this oil.

Enhances Spirituality

Sandalwood oil helps to bring that higher awareness to ease you into meditation, with gentle breathing in and out inhaling the light incense of sandalwood. You will feel calm and remain still and all your negative thought will disappear. If you diffuse the oil into the air or apply it on your skin with an essential oil diffuser, you will find the difference.

You just have to take a few drops of the oil in a small spray bottle of pure water. If you just sprinkle some of this liquid into a room it will comfort, sooth, balance and calm its occupancies. It enables the skin to retain moisture and there by remain soft. You can even apply it directly on the skin.

Host of benefits

Sandalwood oil provides you with a host of benefits. You can mix it or dilute it with jojoba oil and use it as anti aging oil. It will also relieve in fading scar tissue, skin itching, inflammation, rashes and offer astringent and toning properties such as healing psoriasis and eczema. It will help in shrinking pimples and soothing acne.

It will reduce dandruff and you can also use it as an after shave. Apart from topical application, you can pour a few drops of oil in steaming water and do inhalation to sooth your respiratory organs. It also conditions your skin. If you have dry hair and want to restore moisture on your hair use this oil. It gives it a soft shine, if you add a few drops on your hair before taking a shower.

Prepare Your Own Essential Oil Recipe

You can prepare your own essential oil recipe by adding just a few drops of sandalwood oil to other essential oil or powders. To remove pimples or acne, you can prepare a paste with a few drops of this oil. Add a tea spoon of turmeric powder and a tea spoon of rose water to the oil and apply it on your face twice daily.

Instead of rose water if you add one tea spoon of lime juice to the paste it will calm itchiness, rashes or skin inflammation. You can also apply a drop or two of sandalwood oil on your dry skin and gently massage it to moisturize your skin perfectly.