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Therapeutic uses of Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood oil has been used in various ayurvedic medicines for many years. Modern medicine has taken advantage of this ancient wisdom and knowledge and applied it to develop therapeutic medications and techniques. This helps those relieving issues that have destroyed the quality of life of millions of people around the world. Latest studies has shown that a compound made from this oil known as a-samtalol has a dramatic impact on pulse rate, skin conductance and blood pressure.

The Chinese have claimed to have used this oil for more than 5000 years. The aroma of this oil increases devotion and focus. When it is combined with other essential oils it promotes sexual energy.

The Aroma

The aroma of Sandalwood oil is rosenacious woody and sweet. It possesses stimulant properties and others such as soothing, astringent, disinfecting relaxing, restoring and the calming qualities. It makes a great urinary and pulmonary treatment as well as a skin cancer preventative. The oil is produced from the sandal tree. The tree is a native to the Timor Islands of Indonesia, forest of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka.

The therapeutic properties of sandalwood are known to the cultures in this part of the world ever since humans started to live in caves. The oil develops in the hardwood and the roots of the trees. The oil has to be harvested when the trees are uprooted after about 30 years especially during the rainy season. It is said that the best of this oil comes from Mysore and Tamil Nadu because the state government controls the sandalwood plantations.

Can Prevent Cancer

An Anti-Cancer Research study conducted in the year 2008 explained that sandalwood oil could prevent skin cancers. It can prevent cancer that was caused by UV radiation and toxic chemical exposure. With aroma therapy sessions it can be used to improve sleep. In order to hydrate dry skin it is added to several skin lotion formulas.

This is also known as the aroma therapy oil that is rich in compounds call sesqui terpenes. This interacts with the pineal gland and the limbic region of the brain. This therapy produces a refreshing as well as clear state of mind. The pineal gland is the centre where emotions formulate and where the spirit needs the brain. It helps connect the physical consciousness with the non-physical consciousness.

Massage Therapy

Sandalwood oil is used by many masseurs worldwide for massage therapies. By massaging with this oil you calm down your stress nerves. If you add just a few drops of this oil to your cream and face pack it will impart a glow to your face. It helps in tightening up the skin to give it a fresh look.

The fragrance of this oil is quite alluring, thus it is used in perfumes. The oil possesses many advantages and has been instilling a sense of inner unity for centuries. The modern age people are turning to sandalwood oil these days to focus better in this reality as well as open to other realities.